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Poems… since the childhood, most of us have heard about poems. Actually what is a poem? We can find various definitions for that. But the simple thing is that a poem is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language. Or someone can define it as a self-contained text which makes sense same as it stands. When saying poems, at one glance, the English poetry comes to our mind. Not only English poems, but we can find many beautiful Sinhala poems now. Earlier, we were able to get these Sinhala poems only by printed media. But now, you can find various meaningful Sinhala poems in the internet also. First of all to these Sri Lankan poems, let’s look into more deep about the term of poem and learn how to enjoy a poem properly.

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More about Sinhala Poems

Do you know that poetry is a word of Greek origin? And it came from a verb with means “to make, to create”. Actually the precise origins of poetry are unknown, but has a long history. It is an ancient art and the early poems evolved from folk songs. And it was born as an oral form and it accompanied by simple music and dance. Later, as a result of that, people developed it to feature with repetition, verse form and rhyme. Probably these poems are expressing what people regarded as meaningful and memorable in their lives. They are; life, natural beauty or disaster, births and deaths, battles, brave actions and so on.

And keep in mind, just a sight, you can’t enjoy a poem. You can enjoy the poem, if you’ll find the answers to these question at any particular poem. In approaching a poem, you can ask the text some simple questions which should help you to understand it:

01.  What is the poem about?

02.  Who is the voice speaking in the poem?

03.  To whom is the poem addressing?

04.  How is the poem written?

05.  Why has the poem been written?

When talking about Sinhala Poems furthermore, you can find various beautiful poetry that touch our culture, Sri Lankan lifestyle and Sri Lankan heart. Even in here, you can find numerous poems written under different topics. Some topics are; life, romance, friendship, hate, pain of love, last stage of the life, parenting and so on. Therefore, don’t miss the chance, enjoy these meaningful Sinhala Poems and get a chance to look into the world through the eyes!

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Sinhala Poems

Sinhala Poems
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Sinhala Poems
Find the most prominent an meaningful Sinhala Poems which are talking about life, romance, friendship, hate, pain of love, parenting and so on.
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