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SMS is one of essential things and a useful thing in this modern world. From teenagers to adults, everyone is using this service. Though many guys are using this SMS service, most of them are not much aware about the meaning of these 3 letters SMS… Actually it is Short Message Service. Rather than matured people, this SMS service is popular among youth people. People are using this SMS service for various purposes. However, Sinhala Love SMS is one of popular things that Sri Lankan youth is using via this SMS facility. Some young people save these Sinhala Love SMS in their mobile phones too. Most of young lovers are getting benefits of this. Because they know that making a relationship is very simple but keeping it is very difficult. Therefore, this SMS service is helpful to them motivate each other and to share their thoughts well.

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Origin of the SMS

Do you know how this SMS became to use? There was an engineer called Neil Papworth who worked in the UK and he was the first person who sent the first SMS in 1992. He had sent that SMS as “Merry Christmas”, by using his computer. But the concept of SMS was originated in 1984 and a German guy called Friedhelm Hillebrand was the idea generator. His concept was to send a message which was amount to fewer than 160 characters and to send via a type writer.

More about SMS and Sinhala Love SMS

However, once the first SMS was sent in 1992, the Finnish phone-maker Nokia debuts the first mobile phone that’s introduced SMS facility in 1993. But it had some obstacles. Then the Vodafone launched a share-price alert system for business people in 1994 by eliminating those limitations. Then in 1995, there was another evolution in SMS technology. That is; “T9” system, which predicts texting based on what letters you’re typing was introduced. After 04 years, the facility of sending SMS via various types of networks was introduced.

According to the statistical records, is said that Americans began to send 35 texts per month in 2000. And the 2002 records were said that there was more than 250 billion SMS messages are sent worldwide. According to the 2011 statistical records, 7.4 trillion SMS texts were sent around the world. Isn’t it amazing?

Such a developed SMS service is using in Sri Lanka in different ways. Among those ways, Sinhala Love SMS is taken priority. Now you can type these Sinhala Love SMS by using the both languages; Sinhala and English. And these Love SMS will touch your hearts and the wordings are talking to pure Sri Lankan hearts. Because the words have mixed with Sri Lankan culture and style. So, time to enjoy these meaningful Sinhala Love SMS.

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Sinhala love sms

Sinhala Love SMS
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Sinhala Love SMS
Sinhala Love SMS are short message service of Sinhala poems which is popular among Sri Lankan youth. Find the meaningful Sinhala Love SMS and enjoy them.
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