Are you a fond of poems? Or don’t you love poems? No matter your thoughts.. We are going to explain why you should love poem. And we’ll emphasis what are the benefits that you can get from them. As Sri Lankans, you don’t want to worry about the language problem to enjoy poems. We are going to share plenty of Nisades with you by your own language – Sinhala.

Past days, you were able to see a Sinhala Nisades from press media only. But now you can see and enjoy them via digital media also. However, before starting to read these amazing Sinhala poems, let’s see why you should love poems. And don’t forget that poem has something about it that causes people to stop and think. And it causes to look at the sky and question what we are doing here and why things are how they are. There is a lot of silence.

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Below facts are the main reasons that you should love Nisades.

  1. Majority of us are spending busy lifestyles. Therefore, if we can find any little time to read poems, it will free you from stress. Actually it can move you from busy public spaces to quiet areas of contemplation by mind.
  2. Poetry is doing enticing the young folks. Most of teens are revitalizing the spoken word through poetry. And the biggest thing is that young people are tend to hear and respect for thoughts. So when you’ll love poems, then the young people who are around you will also tend to love poems. Then good thoughts can share through poems.
  3. Poems are connecting people.
  4. It can makes happy – Poetry makes people feel, how much it can change people’s moods. Not only that but poetry taps into a moment that might change someone’s day also. Something alters. That’s what poems do, it can alter and lift people up.

See there are many benefits that you can get, if you’ll enjoy the poems. Therefore, don’t waste your time with other useless hobbies. Find these beautiful and meaningful Nisades which talks about love, romance, pain of love, motherhood, fatherhood and etc.

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