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Do you like to convert all your thoughts into some words? If so, here is the place. Our Nisadas Potha is open space for you to make your beautiful thoughts into meaningful poems. There are many blogs and websites to add English poems. But in Sri Lanka, it’s quite difficult to find a best website to add Sinhala Nisadas. But now you don’t want to worry… This is your paradise.

Today all of us are spending busy lifestyles. Most of times, we are working as robots. We can see that humanity has vanished from us. But if we can find some time to listen to our hearts, I guess we can change the world.

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Most of you are worrying about the taste of your curry or complaining about the type of your bathe soap. But have you worried about the poor beggar? Or did you think about the starvation in this world? Majority of us are not thinking about our neighbours even. Why is it like that? Because all of us are working to find money and struggling with our lives. But if we’ll be able to listen to our hearts and open our eyes of humanity, then this world will be more different than now.

Here our Nisadas Potha dedicates for all the beautiful and meaningful poems to share which will be able to make this world beauty. In here you can find various types of poems. Some of popular topics are love, parenthood, caring, brotherhood, nature lover, humanity and the reality of life. There is a popular quote i.e. Man is an intelligence than animals. So it’s time to change this world. Come, join with Nisadas Potha and add your beautiful thoughts as Sinhala Nisadas. Therefore, find the beautiful and meaningful Nisadas Collection in Nisadas Potha here which talks to the world and which drive to wake up the humanity. Stay tuned with us.

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