Lassana Nisadas

All of us love to enjoy beautiful songs and poems. And it will be easier, if we can understand the language well. Therefore, here Lassana Nisadas shares many beautiful Sinhala Nisadas which are talking about meaningful things in our lives. Do you know the meaning of beautiful? Actually when it comes to poems and songs, the beautiful is the “thank you”.

We are wrapping the poem or song with gratitude. That’s mean by beautiful poems/songs. And most of time, we are offering them to peace prone people. I’m sure that you can enjoy these beautiful Sinhala Nisadas and they will touch your heart too.

Lassana Nisadas – More

As mentioned above, lassana Nisadas shares some beautiful Sinhala poems. Among them the first one will take your attraction, I guess. It’s about the love. And that’s a common situation that majority of us are facing. We’re loving that we can’t owe. And we are ignoring and not caring the people who are truly loving us. After few years, we may feel that the person we loved, can’t be joined to our lives. It just likes that moon loves sun. See how beautifully that poet relates the sun and moon to the dreamed love!

Likewise all these nisadas nurse with love and humility. And they are highlighting that every creature in this world is beautiful in its own way. Like a beautiful rose or a daisy. Because, both are beautiful but in a different way. And it’s just nonsense if we have one type who is marked as beautiful. And they highlight one more thing. That is we can’t owe everything that we love very much. One day we have to release them to fly. That’s the life. See how beautiful messages that you can grab from our collection. Stay tuned with us and enjoy our Lassana Nisadas collection.

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