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Quotation…. What is this? Actually, it is the repetition of one expression as part of another one. If you will look at the newspapers, books or will surf in the internet, you can find various types of popular quotations. But majority of those quotes are in English language. Because of that, sometimes, when we’re going to translate them into our language, we’re facing some difficulties. Hence, under the Sinhala Wadan, you can find various popular quotes which are translated into Sinhala. These Sinhala Wadan are from our Sri Lankans as well as from quotations of other nations’ great characters. As these quotes in Sinhala language, you can easily understand them and can enjoy well.

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Reasons to Use Sinhala Wadan

  • People are using these quotes to illuminate the meaning
  • Some are using these Sinhala Wadan in order to support the arguments of the work in which it is being quoted
  • And some other people use these quotes as a means of inspiration and to invoke philosophical thoughts from the reader
  • Some users need to make a statement of the user’s beliefs or to spread views and ideas

Even books, magazines and newspapers are providing the popular quotes, the internet is the most popular browser to search these kind of things in this modern world. However, now Sri Lankans can find these quotes in the internet as Sinhala Wadan. In order to give a glimpse of the user’s personality, these quotes are normally included. So, when you are including these Sinhala Wadan, you should be careful of its’ meanings. Because they can harm to your personality. These quotations will come under various themes, such as life, happiness, love, being oneself, the necessity of compromise, standing up for one’s opinion, tolerance, and humbleness and so on. There is a quotation “the most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters”. So, here you can enjoy the various interesting quotes in Sinhala language.

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Sinhala Wadan