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Are you in a relationship? Or are you married? Or are you still in bachelor? No matter your status. Love is common emotion for anyone. Some people are loving to express their love and some are not. But every person has this feeling. Unfortunately, some people are hiding this. However, we thought to share some beautiful Love Talks Sinhala with you.

Are you looking for some loving words or romantic quotes to share with your dearests? If so, check out our Love Talks Sinhala to have meaningful and interesting wordings about love. This will help you to express your feelings to your loving people.

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Actually we have many ways to share or communicate or express the feeling of love to other people. And it’s good if we can share them by our own language. By the internet, you can see many beautiful English love quotes and talks. But how can we find meaningful and qualitative Sinhala love talks? Now you don’t need to worry. Here our Love Talks Sinhala collection is haring many meaningful wordings. Actually this love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings.

And there is a variety in this feeling – LOVE. But majority of our people are looking its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. Because, for some people, romantic relationships are the most meaningful element of life, providing a source of deep fulfilment. Do you know how the ability to form a steady relationship begins? It starts in infancy, in a child’s earliest experiences with a caregiver who reliably meets the infant’s needs for food, care, protection, stimulation, and social contact. That’s the beginning of having stable relationship. And it helps to realize the true meaning of love. However, it’s time to check the beautiful collection of love talks. Stay tuned with us to have more updates.


Love Photos Sinhala

This world is surviving because of love. Unfortunately, many people have not understood it. That’s why they are working very selfish way and they destroy the environment. However, when we’re telling “love”, at once what will come to your mind? No doubts, it’s a love between two people. So, find out our Love Photos Sinhala to see the beauty of love, to view various definitions for love and to see the different stages in love.

To have a successful relationship, you should follow some tips. We know that all of us are not perfect, but we should accept the other person’s weak points. So, while you’re enjoying the love photos Sinhala, let’s discuss about the some essential tips that all of us need to follow in our relationships.

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Good communication is one of key things that both partners should have. You may go in a tough situation or a small issue, but you’re having with one another. Because you should not walk on eggshells to hash it out. If you’ll hide anything from your partner or if you’ll not have good communication, then it will be a main reason to ruin your bonding. And the other key thing is that you should value your partner. We know that love stuff is obvious, but you find comfort, safety and ease in your partner. And make sure your partner know the feeling is mutual.

When you’ll read these Love Photos Sinhala, you can notice that many poets are talking about above two things. And the third thing is that you should respect each other. You may go in a bad times and you might argue. But you would never go there. And the other main thing is fighting. Yes, all of us are fighting, arguing. Because all of our decisions and thoughts are not same. Fighting is not a bad thing. But the issue is how you fight. If you keep it clean, don’t resort to name-calling and talk or even yell it out, as long as you both come out of it in the end and things are resolved (then you’ll be OK. Hope now you got the top reasons why marriages fail. Don’t worry, try to follow above tips.


Sinhala Nisadas Potha

What is a poem? Or in Sinhala, what is a Nisadas? All of you will define it in your own way. However, here Sinhala Nisadas Potha will give an idea about nisadas as well as share some beautiful nisadas. As said above, everyone can explain the word of “poem” in their own way. Someone can define it as a painting in words. Or another one can define it as a medium for self-expression. Or are you defining it as a song that rhymes and displays beauty?

Actually it’s a strange thing which operates as nothing else in the world does. But if you’ll have a passion to read them, then you’ll love those expressions. Since our childhood, we’re reading and listening many poems. So it’s not a totally strange thing to us, isn’t it? So, find the beautiful and meaningful Sinhala Poems from the Sinhala Nisadas Potha. They talks about love, broken heart, friendship and much more.

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Do you know that a poem helps the mind play with its well-trod patterns of thought? Yes it does, and it can even help redirect those patterns by making us see the familiar again. And how nice, if you can read poems in your own language. That’s why we are sharing many beautiful Sinhala Nisadas with you. We hope it can give some relief to your stressful daily route.

And today, we observe that many Sri Lankan youth are tending to hear and respect for Sinhala Nisadas. But keep in mind, if you really want to enjoy the Sinhala poetry, try to find out the quality nisadas. And do you know, that reading poems are giving many benefits. One is; it’s removing your stress. And it can connect people. And the most important thing is; it can makes happy. If you want to really enjoy good nisadas, join with our Sinhala Nisadas Potha.

Lassana Nisadas

All of us love to enjoy beautiful songs and poems. And it will be easier, if we can understand the language well. Therefore, here Lassana Nisadas shares many beautiful Sinhala Nisadas which are talking about meaningful things in our lives. Do you know the meaning of beautiful? Actually when it comes to poems and songs, the beautiful is the “thank you”.

We are wrapping the poem or song with gratitude. That’s mean by beautiful poems/songs. And most of time, we are offering them to peace prone people. I’m sure that you can enjoy these beautiful Sinhala Nisadas and they will touch your heart too.

Lassana Nisadas – More

As mentioned above, lassana Nisadas shares some beautiful Sinhala poems. Among them the first one will take your attraction, I guess. It’s about the love. And that’s a common situation that majority of us are facing. We’re loving that we can’t owe. And we are ignoring and not caring the people who are truly loving us. After few years, we may feel that the person we loved, can’t be joined to our lives. It just likes that moon loves sun. See how beautifully that poet relates the sun and moon to the dreamed love!

Likewise all these nisadas nurse with love and humility. And they are highlighting that every creature in this world is beautiful in its own way. Like a beautiful rose or a daisy. Because, both are beautiful but in a different way. And it’s just nonsense if we have one type who is marked as beautiful. And they highlight one more thing. That is we can’t owe everything that we love very much. One day we have to release them to fly. That’s the life. See how beautiful messages that you can grab from our collection. Stay tuned with us and enjoy our Lassana Nisadas collection.

Nisadas Sinhala

We know that Nisadas Sinhala is a literary work in verse writing of high quality, a graceful expression showing imagination and deep feeling with elegant quality. Not only that but it also a great beauty, a piece of art, with emotional sincerity or intensity. Actually there is a deep insight that enables a poet to idealize reality and to see the things or situations in a particular way. That is to express the poet’s feelings of his/her own accord. And if it a great Nisadas Sinhala, then poet can represent them in such a way as to delight the readers.

From the newspapers, books and magazines, we can find many Sinhala Nisadas. But it is little bit hard job to find some quality Sinhala poems in the internet. Here we are going to present many creative Sinhala Nisadas which are talking about our day-to-day lives. But before you enjoy the Nisadas, you should recognize the importance of Sinhala Poetry.

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As mentioned above, it is vital to identify the importance of Nisadas Sinhala. Do you know, in the Sinhala poetry, the poet is processing the unusual sensitivity or insight? Yes, the poets are doing that. They are able to express and share the things in a beautiful, attractive and romantic way. Actually poems are writing b poets with many imaginations and creations. But this art comes with real life experiences most of time.

If we say it another word, these beautiful wordings come through universal facts. It’s the art of poetry. However, these Sinhala Nisadas share the massages about life and the state of affairs. And most of time, we can apply them to our personal lives also. Actually the good poems teach us the lessons about how to live life providing the meaning of life. Therefore, it’s good to enjoy the qualitative poems when you’ll have a free time. Here, our objective is to console, encompass a great power and appeal to delight you while heightening an awareness of various situations and discussing the aspects of life. Therefore, find these beautiful and meaningful Nisadas Sinhala and take the lessons about how to live life providing the meaning of life.

Sinhala Love Nisadas

Do you feel that something going pitter patter? That’s not any other… it is your heart. I know today, all of us are spending busy lifestyles. But if you find some time to listen to your heart and if you will sensitive to the touch of love, I’m sure that all of you will become poets. Have you ever tried to write down any Sinhala Love Nisadas? When I was in my first attempt, actually it gave a wonderful feeling with beautiful exercise of curating poems and writing on the subject.

Doesn’t matter if you can’t write poems. Here you can find many beautiful and meaningful Sinhala Love Nisadas. Love, romance, brotherhood, friendship, mother and many more interesting topics you can find there. When you’ll read them, you can find that there is much more things in the love, than romance.

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Sinhala Love Nisadas – More

As mentioned above, you’ll find more deep feelings in love, than romance, if you will read our beautiful Nisadas. Here you will notice that love can reflects like friendship or the divine. And it can mean compassion and acceptance. And sometimes, love is hurting us. Not only that, but love also remains one of our humanity’s biggest mystery.

Before looking into our Sinhala Love Nisadas, let’s see some of popular quotes about love in English. Those poets have put this this elusive and complex feeling into words. And they really speak to you about love.

  • Rainer Maria Rilke said that “Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other”.
  • Nicholas Sparks said that “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it”.
  • Franklin P. Jones said that “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile”.
  • Charles Schulz said that “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”.
  • Dolly Parton said that “Love is something sent from Heaven to worry the Hell out of you”.
  • According to Ice T, that “Passion makes the world go round. Loves just makes it a safer place”.
  • John Lennon said that “Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear”.
  • Aristotle said that “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”.

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Nisadas Potha -

Nisadas Potha

Do you like to convert all your thoughts into some words? If so, here is the place. Our Nisadas Potha is open space for you to make your beautiful thoughts into meaningful poems. There are many blogs and websites to add English poems. But in Sri Lanka, it’s quite difficult to find a best website to add Sinhala Nisadas. But now you don’t want to worry… This is your paradise.

Today all of us are spending busy lifestyles. Most of times, we are working as robots. We can see that humanity has vanished from us. But if we can find some time to listen to our hearts, I guess we can change the world.

You can see Adara WadanSinhala NisadasSinhala WadanSinhala Love SMS and Sinhala Poems

Nisadas Potha – More

Most of you are worrying about the taste of your curry or complaining about the type of your bathe soap. But have you worried about the poor beggar? Or did you think about the starvation in this world? Majority of us are not thinking about our neighbours even. Why is it like that? Because all of us are working to find money and struggling with our lives. But if we’ll be able to listen to our hearts and open our eyes of humanity, then this world will be more different than now.

Here our Nisadas Potha dedicates for all the beautiful and meaningful poems to share which will be able to make this world beauty. In here you can find various types of poems. Some of popular topics are love, parenthood, caring, brotherhood, nature lover, humanity and the reality of life. There is a popular quote i.e. Man is an intelligence than animals. So it’s time to change this world. Come, join with Nisadas Potha and add your beautiful thoughts as Sinhala Nisadas. Therefore, find the beautiful and meaningful Nisadas Collection in Nisadas Potha here which talks to the world and which drive to wake up the humanity. Stay tuned with us.

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nisades -


Are you a fond of poems? Or don’t you love poems? No matter your thoughts.. We are going to explain why you should love poem. And we’ll emphasis what are the benefits that you can get from them. As Sri Lankans, you don’t want to worry about the language problem to enjoy poems. We are going to share plenty of Nisades with you by your own language – Sinhala.

Past days, you were able to see a Sinhala Nisades from press media only. But now you can see and enjoy them via digital media also. However, before starting to read these amazing Sinhala poems, let’s see why you should love poems. And don’t forget that poem has something about it that causes people to stop and think. And it causes to look at the sky and question what we are doing here and why things are how they are. There is a lot of silence.

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Nisades – More

Below facts are the main reasons that you should love Nisades.

  1. Majority of us are spending busy lifestyles. Therefore, if we can find any little time to read poems, it will free you from stress. Actually it can move you from busy public spaces to quiet areas of contemplation by mind.
  2. Poetry is doing enticing the young folks. Most of teens are revitalizing the spoken word through poetry. And the biggest thing is that young people are tend to hear and respect for thoughts. So when you’ll love poems, then the young people who are around you will also tend to love poems. Then good thoughts can share through poems.
  3. Poems are connecting people.
  4. It can makes happy – Poetry makes people feel, how much it can change people’s moods. Not only that but poetry taps into a moment that might change someone’s day also. Something alters. That’s what poems do, it can alter and lift people up.

See there are many benefits that you can get, if you’ll enjoy the poems. Therefore, don’t waste your time with other useless hobbies. Find these beautiful and meaningful Nisades which talks about love, romance, pain of love, motherhood, fatherhood and etc.

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Adara Nisadas


seethawaka botanical garden

Who doesn’t love to hear beautiful poems about love? If anyone doesn’t like it, he/she may be hurt with love. However, this feeling called Love is sometimes hard to express. Therefore, we thought to share some Adara Nisadas which facilitates you to read some beautiful love poems in Sinhala language. We are crafting our collection of love poems that explores love from every angle including beginnings, endings, pain, regret, loss and so on.

Actually to survive in this world, we need love. That is one of essential feelings to human beings. But no one can easily define it and less easily find it. But we hope that you will find inspiration to express just how deeply you care about the special person in your life.

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Adara Nisadas – More

Under these Adara Nisadas, not only you can find the romantic poems, but there also have some sad love poems also. Because we know that breaking up is never easy. Therefore, our sad love Nisadas are describing the pain of separation from different angles. Actually that kind of Nisadas reflect on the aftermath of a relationship and the myriad feelings that arise when we seek to cope with loss. But we know that most caring girls and boys don’t wish to hurt those they have loved.

Even though that, sometimes, some people have to end their relationships due to misunderstanding or to mismatch thoughts. In this world we can see that the sooner one accepts the new reality, the quicker the healing process can begin. When you read our Nisadas, you will find that love is elusive. And keep in mind that little things will define your love and imbue it with meaning.

When you are in love, you will experience one of amazing aspects of that. That is your relationship is the unpredictability, the never ending opportunity to surprise and delight. Therefore, find these beautiful collection of Adara Nisadas and let your lover and dearests know why you love them. Enjoy your time with our lovely Nisadas.

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Sinhala Songs Lyrics



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Man uses various languages to express his personal emotions to the world. For that, many people are used to include the beautiful songs’ lyrics. Especially Sri Lankans, they are using the beautiful and meaningful Sinhala Songs Lyrics. Because they know that those Sinhala Songs Lyrics can touch their thoughts nicely.

And Sinhala Songs Lyrics of love songs are the most popular lyric types in Sri Lanka. And how sweet, if we can express our feelings and thoughts by our own language! As Sri Lankan music industry is growing day by day, the creative Sinhala Songs Lyrics are also coming out.

Before talking about Sinhala Songs Lyrics furthermore, let’s learn what this “lyrics” is. Actually it is a set of words that make up a song usually consisting of verses and choruses. And the name of the writer of lyrics is the lyricist. And you can find the differences between poem and song may become less meaningful where verse is set to music. Most noteworthy thing is that we love Sinhala Songs lyrics because we love the Sinhala music. Let’s see top psychological reasons we love music.

You can see Adara WadanSinhala NisadasSinhala WadanSinhala Love SMS and Sinhala Poems

Top Psychological Reasons We Love Sinhala Music and Sinhala Songs Lyrics

01. We love music and lyrics as to learn about others and the world – Do you know that music tells us stories about other people and places? Yes it does, and it gives us access to new experiences also. Not only that but music can teach us how other people think and even suggest how we might live also.
02. Music gives a personal identity to us- Probably the type of music we like expresses something about ourselves. Even the widest types like rock, classical and blues begin to give us a picture of a person, don’t you? And we also seem to discover ourselves through music.

Because it can teach is who we are and where we belong. Therefore, through music we can build up and project an image of ourselves.
03. There is an interpersonal relationships – Music is a point of conversation. Therefore, we listen to it while we’re with other people. And we talk to them about it. It’s a way of making a connection actually.

More Psychological Reasons We Love Sinhala Music and Sinhala Songs Lyrics

04. Music and Sinhala Songs Lyrics are the negative mood management – as the result of stress, most of time, we’re in a bad mood. And music can help us deal with it. When our mood is low, there is something cathartic about listening to sad music. Finally it helps to know that we’re not alone. We use music to relieve tension.
05. Music can give a diversion – Actually music relieves the boredom of the commute, or of a lazy days. It’s something to do when we don’t know what else to do.
06. Music and lyrics are the positive mood management –Do you know that music is making our good moods even better? Yes it does. It entertains us, relaxes us and sets the right emotional tone.

Assume, that you got the value of music and lyrics to the human life. So, here you can find beautiful and meaning Sinhala Songs Lyrics that are touching your thoughts. They will relieve your tension. And they will express your feelings well.

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