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Who doesn’t love to hear beautiful poems about love? If anyone doesn’t like it, he/she may be hurt with love. However, this feeling called Love is sometimes hard to express. Therefore, we thought to share some Adara Nisadas which facilitates you to read some beautiful love poems in Sinhala language. We are crafting our collection of love poems that explores love from every angle including beginnings, endings, pain, regret, loss and so on.

Actually to survive in this world, we need love. That is one of essential feelings to human beings. But no one can easily define it and less easily find it. But we hope that you will find inspiration to express just how deeply you care about the special person in your life.

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Adara Nisadas – More

Under these Adara Nisadas, not only you can find the romantic poems, but there also have some sad love poems also. Because we know that breaking up is never easy. Therefore, our sad love Nisadas are describing the pain of separation from different angles. Actually that kind of Nisadas reflect on the aftermath of a relationship and the myriad feelings that arise when we seek to cope with loss. But we know that most caring girls and boys don’t wish to hurt those they have loved.

Even though that, sometimes, some people have to end their relationships due to misunderstanding or to mismatch thoughts. In this world we can see that the sooner one accepts the new reality, the quicker the healing process can begin. When you read our Nisadas, you will find that love is elusive. And keep in mind that little things will define your love and imbue it with meaning.

When you are in love, you will experience one of amazing aspects of that. That is your relationship is the unpredictability, the never ending opportunity to surprise and delight. Therefore, find these beautiful collection of Adara Nisadas and let your lover and dearests know why you love them. Enjoy your time with our lovely Nisadas.

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